Steve R. Skipper is officially licensed by
the University of Alabama through
the Collegiate Licensing Company

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Steve has been presented with a formal resolution from the Senate by Senator Roger Smitherman and The City of Birmingham's Most Distinguished Citizen Award by City Council President, Carol Smitherman. ...Click To read More

Anointed Homes Art announces the new Original Painting and Officially Licensed Limited Edition Print project Commemorating the career of Former University of Alabama and Doak Walker Award winner Trent Richardson


One of the greatest game performances in history was issued by a Player who had a great platform to prove something that would entertain yet truly inspire. An opportunity to show the world what some already knew, but getting to know himself even more as the journey toiled on. A called play that was designed to go to the left side of the line was quickly sniffed out by the Auburn Defense, but with the quickness of Gods lighting Trent Richardson would stop on a mercury headed dime and charge to the right making dust of the Auburn turf and shock and awe of the Auburn Defense and Nation. 57 yards on this one play out of 200 on the day would send him directly into IRON BOWL LEGEND as well as to the studio, canvas and easel. Renowned Sports Artist Steve R. Skipper was drawn into the wind of that great, astounding and simply"Relentless" run.

The Preliminary Drawing

Now that Mr. Skipper has skillfully transferred the vision for the painting from his mind to paper, his next step is to compose a magnificent and original composition for the painting. After extensive research and exploring numerous photographic possibilities for his composition, he has solidified his final composition in a well executed pencil drawing. Because the Artist also makes all decisions of the lighting (the light, medium and dark values) for the painting in his preliminary drawings, these resulting pencil images on paper make for serious monochromatic works of art. After these preliminary processes are completed, Mr. Skipper will then turn to his canvas, brushes and oils and "bring to fruition" his ultimate Artistic vision

The Artist

Mr. Skipper is known by collectors internationally to be a master with a pencil as well as he is in oils. His detail and realism along with masterful composition will deeply impress the most critical and demanding eye. This print of his compelling Preliminary Drawing is being offered to stir even more the excitement and anticipation of each collector eager for a peek at what the Original Oil masterwork will be like. Accepting the challenge of using the single instrument of a pencil to produce the multitude of shadow, shade, tone, drama and depth is something that is rare and cherished when executed with the pride and loving care of a true Artist

The Limited Edition Preliminary Drawing Place

The Printing process will be closely supervised by the Artist, using specially formulated inks on acid free neutral ph conservators grade paper. Every measure will skillfully be taken to reproduce each subtlety and emotion of the Original Preliminary Drawing and Original Painting

Regular Edition Preliminary Drawing - 500 - Signed and Individually Numbered
by The Artist - $40
Artist's Proofs Preliminary Drawing - 50 - Signed and Individually Numbered by
The Artist - $80
Exquisite Custom Framing for Preliminary Drawing - 95.00

Orders for the Preliminary Pencil Drawing Prints of “Relentless ” must be placed by April 10th to assure you of your chance to own one of these exquisite drawings which could match your full color Limited Edition Print or to stand on it's own as a truly magnificent work of Art


For those who would like to give "Relentless" as the one, very special gift to commemorate Trent's great Run , we have the perfect solution ... commission a fullcolor print of "Relentless" (ordering below) before April 10th and receive the preliminary pencil drawing print of " Relentless" ABSOLUTELY FREE !   Plus, you will receive a special "Gift Announcement Card" that will explain the forthcoming gift of the FULL COLOR print of "Relentless" , to be published from Mr. Skipper's epic Original Oil Painting upon completion

The Full Color Limited Edition Place

* A portion of the sales of each full color print will be donated to the University of Alabama Chapter of FCA

*Regular Edition - Hand Signed and Individually Numbered by the Artist - only
803 Prints - 180.00
*Mini Print - Hand Signed by the Artist - 40.00
*Artist Proof - only 103 Proofs - 400.00 - signed and numbered by the artist

*Exquisite Custom Framing for Regular Edition and Artist Proof Edition - 350.00
*Exquisite Custom Framing for Full Color Mini Print - 100.00
*Each Regular Edition and Artist Proof will be accompanied by a matching
Certificate of Authenticity and exquisite gold embossed seal for framing

Psalm 27:3

"Trent Richardson delivered an incredible run that shook the very foundation of Jordan Hare Stadium. In one moment in time, time stood still and gave an applause" Siran Stacey

Regular Edition Preliminary Drawing

Artist's Proofs Preliminary Drawing

Exquisite Custom Framing for Preliminary Drawing

The Full Color Limited Edition Prices

Regular Edition

Mini Print

Artist Proof

Exquisite Custom Framing for Regular Edition and Artist Proof Edition

Exquisite Custom Framing for Full Color Mini Print